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About Cashmere Brown

Cashmere Brown Born and Raised in Freeport Long Island, New York now living in Miami Florida, producing quality Hip Hop and R&B music since 2013. Cashmere born July 28th 1994 developed an interest in music early on. He was fortunate enough to be influenced by his mothers soulful taste in music which introduced legendary old school Funk groups, Hip Hop Classics and Soul to him. After years of inheriting a love and passion for Music, this interest quickly grew into hunger for creating some of his own music. Eager to begin creating, resulted in “borrowing” his mother’s laptop (which she never got back lol) and massive CD collection to start sampling.

At the age of 18 he instantly knew he wanted to do music. So he saved up & bought his first midi keyboard , a Laptop, FL studio and started experimenting. With a brother known as Semaj 1017 & close friend Jermaine Elliott heavily into making music, Cashmere had a perfect way to put his ideas to use. Together they began creating songs which eventually led to the “God Father Of Soul” Mixtape (Semaj 1017) & Many records with Jermaine Elliot. This gave Cashmere the confidence that he needed to start to broadcast his talents. Since then, Cashmere has produced for MANY independent artist & co production with some big names. Growing more as a producer Cashmere & Jermaine Elliot began to make some records that gained great success such as “Come Here, 411, Fancy, Selfish, Tiffany Xo” & more co production.

Some of his biggest records he assisted on is Kanye West " No Child Left Behind" alongside Boogzdabeast & Gesaffelstein on Donda Album, Which is 2x Grammy Nominated & Gold at the moment. “Asap Ferg Ft. French Montana & Fabolous - Don’t Mind”, alongside producers Burd x Keyz & Foreign Teck. He’s also had work on Jimmy Wopo (Rest In Peace) Jordan Kobe Album producing the intro “Throwback” & also “Body” Featuring Maxo Kream.

Since then, Cashmere Brown has built up a great catalog & he’s only “just beginning” he says. Cashmere has been focusing on growing his catalog & building with many different independent artist & getting more placements. He plans on expanding into different avenues of producing such as Sound designing, composing for Television, Songwriting, Instrumental albums & so much more. You DONT want to miss a step!